Crisp Model Management international model agency was founded in Hungary (2014) in order to help special young talents with the potential for international carriers by passing on our experience to them. Our work is based on one of our founder’s international experience as model and our carefully created network of connections as well as our experience gained in marketing and communication.

Alike other professional agencies, we do not charge any registration fee. What is more, we pay our represented young talents’ financial expenses (e.g. a portfolio) in advance. Due to this, not all of the applicants can get admitted. However, those who gain our unconditional trust will be given all types of support. They will be given personal fitness plans and appropriate diet plans carefully created with the help of our personal trainers and lifestyle specialists and certainly, their developments will be followed and controlled by us.

Beside having extraordinary appearance, inner characteristics are just as important. For gaining success, you need to have stamina, reliability, responsibility, dependence and self-confidence as well as modesty, kindness and humbleness. According to our philosophy, models are icons who are to set examples for the society. Therefore, we will deal with only those talents who clearly own these characteristics and behave committed to them either during their work or lives.