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Thank you for visiting our website. For application, it is not necessary to have previous experience or a portfolio. You only need to fill the application form in due to given instructions. Unfortunately, uncompleted forms cannot be accepted. We are also asking you for being patient. When attracting our attention, we will get in touch with you.
We are looking for:
Age: 14-20

min. 175 cm

                      (under 14 min. 173 cm)


Age:                   16-25

Height:             min. 185 cm

Confection:      48-50

If not turning into 14 years old yet, we regret to decline your online application. In this case, your parents or legal guardians should contact us via telephone or e-mail.

Between ages of 14-18, you may apply online. However, we strongly advise you to do so only after discussing it with your parents or legal guardians.

Here is some help for application:


Please try to be as accurate as possible. When necessary, ask someone to help you. Only valid figures should be shared. Here is some good advice for measuring:

Height: Stand straight bare feet against a wall or door frame looking forward.

Breasts: Stand straight exhaling air. Tape-measure should not be slant, should not be either too tight or too loose but it should fit exactly to your body. Tape-measure should run along the middle line of your breasts.

Waist: To be measured where your trunk is the thinnest, which is under your ribs but above your navel. Making sure the tape-measure is not slant and it fits exactly to your body, exhale the air.

Hips: Stand straight while closing your legs. To be measured where your hips are the widest, which is under your hip bones, in the middle of your bottoms. Tape-measure should not be slant.


Please send some photos attached to your application in order that we should be able to see your face and figure.

When selecting or taking photos, make sure they are taken in natural light with no flash. You should not wear a make-up or glasses, piercings, jewelleries either. If possible, you should stand in front of a white or light-coloured wall wearing a one-coloured, tight outfit. DO NOT smile. The person taking the photo should hold the camera straight. Photos ought not to be taken from below or above. They should be sent to us without any retouch or filters but in their natural way. Uploaded photos should not extend 1 MB.

We will need photos as follows:

Full figure: Wear high heels. Stand straight legs closed, arms down next to your body. Be natural, stand relaxed. Let your hair down in front of your shoulders to let us see its length. Perhaps you may keep it behind your ears to show more of your face. Look straight ahead.

Half figure: Stand in the previous position and have a photo taken of your upper body (up your hips)

Portrait: Your face to be shown front-wise. Your shoulders should be seen, too. Your hair is to be hold in a braid (ponytail). Do not grimace, look natural, do not smile.

Profile: Turn sideways, stand straight, look straight ahead, not into the camera. Your face and shoulders are to be shown in the photo. Hair should be in a braid. Do not grimace, look natural and do not smile.

Thank you!


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