Weekly menu @crispmodel

Many of you asked us how to eat healthy and what do our models eat to stay in shape. So we decided to write you a menu sample that gives you an idea for each day of the week. Don’t forget to have a meal at least 5 times a day to have enough energy:)

Of course these meals can be combined and replaced. It’s not a rule, nor scientific, only an example for you to see how our models are trying to eat healthy and what do we prefer in our everyday life. The most important thing is to eat regularly and variously so your body can obtain all the vitamins and nutritions necessary! Don’t forget to work out often and to drink 2-2,5 L of water each day!
Sometimes you may have a cheat day tho;)


Oatmeal with banana slices


Mushroom stew with buckwheat


Salmon steak with steamed green beans


Toast with guacamole


Garden salad with tuna and olive oil (no mayo, no other dressing)

Apple with cheese slices

Green asparagus with steamed chicken breast


Green smoothie (apple juice, avocado, lime, baby spinach, banana, cucumber, mint leaves)

Oat crackers

Fish sticks with steamed brown rice

Natural greek yogurt with blueberries

Squash dish


Cornflakes with almond milk (no sugar)

Fruit salad

Gyros plate


Hummus with sticks of celery


Banana pancake (1 banana and 1 egg “pancake”) with maple syrup

Dried fruits

Vegetable stew with bulgur

Yogurt drink

Greek salad


Scrambled eggs (from 2 eggs) and fresh vegetables


Grilled chicken breast with sweet potato

Vanilla pudding (with sweetener)

Grilled vegetables with parmesan cheese


Fruit smoothie

Sandwich made of whole wheat bread, mozzarella and vegetables

Fried chicken breast with garden salad

Greek yogurt with pineapple

Thick broccoli soup with a boiled egg